Preview: Bus C150 Quiz 3 - 15th Ed.

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Brand management Pages: 3 (558 words) Published: June 22, 2012
PREVIEW: BUS C150 QUIZ 3 – 15th Ed.

1. A product is:
- a bundle of physical, service, and symbolic attributes designed to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs.

2. Motel 6 and Ritz-Carlton both provide sleeping accommodations, but their respective guests have considerably different expectations of service. This is because: - service quality shows wide variations.

3. A consumer expects to purchase convenience products:
- immediately and with minimal effort.

4. Supermarkets usually display items such as candy, gum, and magazines near the checkout counter because they are: - purchased on impulse.

5. Consumers who are well aware of the brands they prefer and are willing to make a special effort to obtain them are primarily interested in _____ products. - specialty

6. At which level of brand loyalty is advertising often used heavily to promote a product? - brand recognition

7. A product which has achieved the status of brand insistence: - has achieved a monopoly position with its consumers.

8. The Kirkland brand is owned by Costco, and the products can only be purchased at Costco stores. Costco contracts with manufactures to produce and package products under the Kirkland name. This arrangement is called: - private branding

9. The added value that a certain brand name gives to a product in the marketplace is called brand: - equity

10. In the Young & Rubicam’s Brand Asset Valuator model, a brand’s ability to stand apart from competitors is referred to as: - differentiation.

11. Marketing channels play a key role in marketing strategy because they: - provide the means by which products move from producer to ultimate user.

12. Movement of products through more than one marketing channel to reach the same market is: - dual distribution.

13. The process of using every channel available to market a product is called _____ distribution. - intensive

14. Licensed goods manufactured abroad...
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