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Topics: Drug addiction, A Great Way to Care Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Prevention Programs Papers:
What type of drug prevention program is used to address the needs of the population?
I am interviewing my local priest. I decided to interview him because I remember when I was in high school, I did volunteer work with him as a youth coordinator. The organization is called “YES”, they vary from many subjects and programs and prevention of drugs and alcohol is one of them. Father Miguel explained to me that the program educates not only the teens that are experimenting with drugs but it also educates the parents and family members of the consequences or behavior their loved one may be going through. He provides consoling services as well as medical services if needed. How prevalent is drug use or exposure to drug use for this population?

Throughout the years he mentions that drug use and the exposure of these drugs are at its highest peak. He talked about how years ago he did not see too many young kids from age 11-15 suffer from drug dependency. He also mentioned that drug distribution was not as accessible as it is today. What are the program's missions and goals?

The programs mission is for children to have a clean, safe, childhood without any drug taking over their prime years. Our mission is also for these children to have knowledge of the consequences of a lifestyle that involves drugs brings, and how they are able to enjoy their young lives without the stress and dependency of drugs. My goal is to educate as many young children as possible, I deeply belief that with faith, comprehension, and family unity the percentage of drug dependency among children will lower. What activities if any are used to enable the program to reach its goals? We are a very active organization. =) I like for our children to have fun and be children and they are suppose to be. We have many awareness fairs in our church that involves music, food, prices, and also responsibilities. We want our children to learn how being responsible may...
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