Prevention and Crisis Intervention

Topics: Suicide, Problem solving, Suicide methods Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: October 29, 2014
HN220-01: Prevention and Crisis Intervention
Professor: Darlene Levy
Unit 5 Assignment
The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

The ABC model of crisis intervention is a method created by Gerald Caplan and Eric Lindemann in the 1940’s. The purpose of this type of crisis intervention method is to conduct brief mental health interviews with clients whose functioning level has been lowered due to experiencing a stressful precipitating event. The ABC model “is a problem-focused approach and is mostly effective when applied within 4 to 6 weeks of the stressor” (Kanel, 02/2006, p. 69). The ABC model of crisis intervention uses a three-stage approach to problem solving. This method allows a counselor to (A) develop and maintain contact, (B) identify the problem and providing therapeutic interactions, and (C) coping (Kanel, 02/2006, p. 70). In order for the counselor to be successful in the ABC model the crisis counselor should develop a foundation in where the client will feel comfortable. This is done by maintaining “good eye contact, attentive body language, expressive vocal style, and verbal following” (Kanel, 02/2006, p. 71). Another important skill is to actively listen to the client “which requires being able to observe the client and at the same time pay attention to how one should best react to the client” (Kanel, 02/2006, p. 71). In the first phase the counselor must also know how to ask the right open-ended questions as this “provides room for clients to express their real selves without categories imposed by the interviewer, this allows the client the opportunity to explore their personal thoughts and feelings with the support of the interviewer” (Kanel, 02/2006, p. 73). It is also important to paraphrase to better understand each other; reflect on feelings “to clear up confusion or ambiguity and thus avoid misunderstanding and confirm the accuracy of what counselors heard” (Kanel, 02/2006, p. 75) and lastly, summarize. It is also...
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