Preventing Single Parenting

Topics: Marriage, Family, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: October 24, 2010
The family structure has changed significantly in the last fifty years. Single parenting and their children constitute a burgeoning population. Several circumstances may lead to the formation of a single parent household. However, divorce happens to be the number one reason to this issue. So how do we prevent society from this turmoil? Married couples can take part in marriage counseling to try to resolve marital issues that may be looming in their relationships; young adults can practice safe sex, and or abstinence. Marriage counseling helps couples resolve their conflicts and make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding the relationship. Some people say, “Marriage is like a diamond, you can determine its genuinity and quality when it is put under pressure.” Divorce can deprive children of adult role models and may lead them to unhappy and unsuccessful relationships with their future spouses. Stated in an article, “Parenting is a full-time job and may involve certain situations which could be tackled easily as a couple than as a single parent” (EzineArticles). Practicing safe sex can prevent pregnancy and the future possibility of bringing children into single parent homes. Most people do not know that being in a single parent home can affect a child’s well-being. It has been found that adolescents from single parent families were three times more likely to be depressed than those living with two parents. Criminal activity is more common in a single parent household accounting for seventy-two percent of teenage murders; sixty percent of people commit rape crimes and are eleven times more likely to exhibit violent behavior. There are also many financial worries of a single parent, which leads to the parent depending on government assistance for help. “On the other hand these parents are likely to suffer from psychiatric illnesses which become a major hurdle in getting a job or other financial assistance” (EzineArticles). From firsthand experience, I will have to...
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