Preventing Security Breaches

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Preventing Security Breaches
Nicole Lee
BIS 221
January 19, 2015
Nabih Zourob
Preventing Security Breaches
In week two’s C discussion on preventing security breaches I picked the article Global News & Analysis. This article talked about all of the different kind of breaches that include companies, social media, and healthcare. Often times we go to the doctor not realizing that all of our personal health information is being saved, and if not protected by the office our information can become breached. Facebook is another way personal information can become breached. This is due to hackers locating Facebook pages then sending emails that are designed to look as if a friend sent it. This email will include a link that tells you to log back into Facebook in order to view the message. By doing this it leads hackers to a file onto the IT administrator’s computer allowing them to download sensitive and personal information. When it comes to breaches, 92% of them are avoidable. According to this article and, in the last 5 years more than 562 million records have been compromised in businesses. As stated by this article and the Cloud Security Team at Bruva, preventative measures can happen by: - using DAC (data access control) breaches can be reduced by 42% - using source data encryption breaches can be reduced by 28% and, - using secure data backup can reduce breaches by 32%

By using these preventative measures businesses can save the U.S $44 billion dollars, productivity and time associated with recovering data from a breach. Also stated in this article was how 70% of security breaches occur because of an end user error. This is why it is necessary to insure ourselves with better technology such as backup data loss prevention and encryption to defend data from human error, as stated above. We have to remember that hackers invent new methods every day to get their hand on important information, and that is why you can never be too...
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