Preventing Car Accident

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Tram accident, Crash Pages: 3 (418 words) Published: March 7, 2006
Car accidents happen everywhere, every day to even the most careful drivers. In

my country Saudi Arabia this problem has been a scary ghost to every part of the

Saudi family because of the pain and the regret when someone dies or has a bad injury

in the family, but there is always some steps to prevent these accidents. These steps

are as followed :

First, you have to check your car from time to time and never drive on a slick tire. Also

blinkers, headlights, and taillights need new bulbs from time to time. Check them often by

turning them on and walking around the car to see if they're in good working order. Then,

consider equipping your car with air bags. Studies show that air bags alone can

reduce the chance of a fatal crash by 20 to 40 percent and when air bag protection is

combined with seat belt the risk of a fatal crash can be reduced from 45 to 55

percent. The next step is stay within the speed limit. Driving fast isn't a smart thing, there are

some people who claim that speed isn't a significant factor in causing road accident but

statistics show that 30% of the accident on the roads are caused because of speeding.

Speed limit also apply to conditional weather, you have to slow down when it's raining,

snowing or foggy.

Another step of avoiding car accident is avoid distraction in the car such as loud

music, arguments, or cell phone use, you can make adjustments to vehicle controls such as,

radio, air conditioning, or mirrors before beginning to drive. In addition, when the weather is

rainy, snowy or icy it will be harder to stop easily, it may be difficult for you to

steer your car, and you will not be able to see well. You can help reduce your chances

of having an accident by slowing down, leaving extra space between you and the car

in front of you, and keeping your windshield clear. Finally, It is a very good idea to carry a

first aid kit...
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