Preventing Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Abortion should be prevented

Why deny someone a well-deserved life? Abortion is one of the topics that cause more victims in the world, the decision to make it legal or illegal is discussed in several countries and even religious entities. I feel abortion can be prevented because of all the resources that are available today.

Depriving someone the chance to live will not fix the problems you have in life, actually it will appear fixed but guilt and consequences will always be part of your life. Having an abortion is mostly a women’s decision, but some circumstances force them to make these decisions.

Having an abortion can have several consequences such as depression and stress. Family members involved can have mental instability. The act of abortion is almost always accompanied by suffering. Women who practice it experience emptiness, regret and even sadness. Consciously they may find an immediate solution and a relief for that moment. The most unfortunate consequence, depending on the circumstances in which the abortion was done, may be putting their life in risk and also the risk of not being able to become pregnant again.

Awareness is important when having unprotect sexual relations, not only because of undesired pregnancy, but also because of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Today resources are available to protect an undesired pregnancy, including information, medications, birth control and condoms, so this way, the only type of abortion performed are those that could not be prevented, such as rape victims, saving a mother’s life or when the unborn child would have a disease, mental or physical, that would allow them to not have a healthy life.

Most discussions about abortion are because of the belief that life begins at conception; however this belief does not have support of medical science or religion traditional. Before Christians did not view abortion as a murder until the conception, which their belief was that a soul enter the body...
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