Pretty Little Liars

Topics: Cecily von Ziegesar, High school, Blond Pages: 4 (1089 words) Published: December 13, 2011
This story follows the lives of four girls-Alison DiLaurentis, the "Queen Bee" of Rosewood Day, and her clique: Spencer Hastings the perfectionist that's always trying to outdo her over-achiever sister and the only girl in the group to ever stand up to Alison, Hanna Marin who's overweight and so desperate to be popular that she bends to Alison's will, Aria Montgomery the former outsider, and Emily Fields the competitive swimmer from an ultra-conservative family who is most protective of Alison. Before the start of the 8th grade, Ali disappears after getting into a heated argument with Spencer at a sleepover with the other girls, and the group falls apart. Three years later, Aria back from Iceland where her dad was offered a job soon after Alison's dissapearance she felt more confident, beautiful, and stylish than ever.When she returned to town she found former nerd Mona Vanderwaal and a newly-thin Hanna to be the new social leaders of Rosewood Day. Soon Aria began an affair with her English teacher, Spencer fell for her sister's boyfriend, Emily was in love with the new girl at school, and Hanna not only shoplifted, but also made herself throw up to stay thin. Suddenly a mysterious person called "A" threatened to reveal the girls secrets from past and present, including ones they thought only Alison knew, and one in particular that the girls refer to as "The Jenna Thing." Ultimately, Alison's body is found cemented in her former back yard, and the DiLaurentis family holds a funeral for Alison in Rosewood,but by the end of the book the identity of "A" remains unknown.

Spencer Hastings-Spencer is an incredibly smart, but an extremely competitive student, who is both Alison DiLaurentis' rival and friend. She's a perfectionist from striving to be valedictorian to scoring the most goals in field hockey, Spencer is on a mission to out-do her older sister, Melissa. But no matter how high her GPA is or how many extracurricular...
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