Pretty Little Liars

Topics: Pretty Little Liars, Friendship, Young adult novels Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: November 13, 2011
The Nonrealistic Aspect of Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars is an ABC drama series that follow the lives of four best friends (Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria) after they find themselves at the center of a murder mystery when their best friend, Allison is killed; however, the murder mystery as well as the teens lives are falsely portrayed compared to real scenarios. Even though the four girls grew apart they are still hiding a dark secret. For these girls, high school will never be the same, suffering from popularity and self-image issues of receiving mysterious threatening messages from "A".

To begin, Rosewood could be an interesting place to live, but it’s the least realistic town ever. Are there any rules, structure, or responsibilities there? Someone could get away with murder in that town, Allison was to be super popular and then her crazy twin Courtney, who lived in a mental institution, got jealous and put on Allison's 'A' ring and pretended to be Allison. The real Allison was sent to the mental facility. The “fake” Allison became friends with the four other girls, the main characters mentioned in The Pretty Little Liars series. So, their friend "Allison" was actually her crazy twin Courtney. And the “fake” Allison, Courtney is dead, because her sane sister Allison went insane and killed her sister Courtney who was pretending to be her. But apart from the slow investigation of Alison's disappearance, is no security in Rosewood considering the cops do not even watch one of their suspects, Toby, closely. The police should have been notified after Toby tampered with his ankle bracelet. How is he able to go around town freely? When a murder suspect has been arrested and there is sufficient evidence used to find matches and to link unsolved crimes in multiple jurisdictions. A temporary and limited interference with a person's freedom for investigative purposes would have been made.

For instance, Aria Montgomery is the "weird girl" of the group who...
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