Pretreatment Technology of Refractory Gold

Topics: Manganese, Chlorine, Oxygen Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: February 8, 2014
At present, the pretreatment technology of refractory gold ore are mainly roasting oxidation, pressure heat oxidation, biological oxidation, Coal Mill In Power Plant chemical oxidation and so on four kind of technology, in addition, the microwave oxidation was still in the stage of experiment. (1) roasting oxidation

Roasting oxidation is divided into traditional oxidizing roasting method, oxygen enriched roasting method,Gold Ore Crusher Equipment curing roasting method.
(2) pressure thermal oxidation
Pressure is thermal oxidation of refractory gold ore at higher temperature and pressure, acid or alkali, make the sulfide decomposition, making gold bare, contact the cyanide solution, reaction to form gold cyanide complex and recycled. (3) biological oxidation

Biological oxidation is of thiobacillus ferrous oxide and other microorganisms in acidic condition, will parcel gold oxidation of pyrite and arsenopyrite components into sulfate or arsenate sulfate and alkali, and thus make gold naked, is easy to be leaching next. (4) the chemical oxidation

Chemical oxidation is made by adding chemical reagents for oxidation under normal pressure, mainly is suitable for the gold ore containing carbon and atypical pyrite. Chemical reagents are ozone, peroxide, potassium permanganate and chlorine, manganese dioxide, perchlorate, hypochlorous acid salt, etc. At present there are mainly LvHuaFa carbonaceous refractory gold ore (processing) and reduction method (with pyrite and arsenopyrite) two kinds. Microwave high-frequency electromagnetic waves oxidation is used for pretreatment of refractory gold ore, Gold Ore Processing Plant there is no industrial application.

Gold ore dressing production line for: ore after the first stage crushing into the jaw crusher into the double deck vibrating screen screening, upper products by broken again after the second stage crushing with a middle product, the second stage crushing product return to merge the first stage crushing and...
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