Pret a Manger- a Case Study

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The management of products, services, processes and supply chains is called Operation Management. The main consideration is towards the acquisition, development and utilization of resources that the firm will be requiring to satisfy the needs of their customers by delivering the right and correct goods and services. The services play an important role in the economy as it helps in financial services like financing and licensing, personal services and government services. The basic characteristics of services are intangibility, inseparability, perishability and heterogeneity. The world offers various kinds of services. Operation management makes sure that goods and services are delivered to the customers. Operation management is an integrative body of knowledge. The consumers who consume the good judge it from the value of the service they are offered. Pret a Manger, which is French for ‘ready to eat’, is described by Times as having refashioned the concept of sandwich making and eating. It was founded by Sinclair Beecham and Julian Metcalfe, two college friends in 1986. They identified an opportunity in London to introduce a healthy fast-food alternative to the fried fatty food menus around at the time. Their innovative venture paid off as people welcomed this change with open arms. Since the first store opened, Pret has been largely successful, expanding continuously in the UK and more recently abroad. Their corporate policy is to own and manage all new shops to control and enhance the brand and to ensure a high standard in all shops consistently. By 2001, Pret a Manger had 100 stores in Britain and was moving into the United States. Mr. Metcalfe and Mr. Beecham sold a third of the company to, of all companies, McDonald’s, for an estimated £26 million ($43 million). In 2008, McDonald’s sold its stake to a private investment firm Bridgepoint Capital for over £345 million. Pret is succeeding with just such an out-of-the-box approach. The organizational structure of Pret a Manger is divided between its stores and the main offices. The London head office is the hub for the UK stores, while the office in New York City is the hub for the American stores. Each store contains levels of positions that range from Team Member to the General Manager of the store. Above the in-store manager is the Operations Manager who is in charge of a group of roughly 10 stores, and above that are more senior management positions based out of the offices that are tasked with coordinating an entire region and maintaining communication with the company’s CEO in London. All the office employees are paired with a “buddy shop” where they work at least two days a year. While the uppermost levels of management are located in the offices, not all the office jobs are above the store jobs in the organizational structure. Pret does not franchise any of its stores, in order to keep management strategies uniform across the entire brand. Orders do not strictly flow from the head offices in a top-down manner; instead, the channel of communication between the executives and the stores is open in both directions. Pret a Manger promotes an internal culture as described in a leaflet entitled “Pret Behaviors.” The Behaviors break down traits into three categories: passion, clear talking and team working – and identify specific behaviors as “Don’t want to see,” “Want to see,” and “Pret perfect!”[21] The number of Behaviors Pret hopes an employee exhibits increases with ones rank within the company: Team Members should practice around six Behaviors, Managers ten, and the company’s executives all of them

a) Service PackagePret a Manger offer a wide variety of grab and go food including sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, sushi, salads, yoghurt pots, cakes, desserts, crisps and a range of bottled beverages, brewed coffees and teas. The breakfast menu differs slightly from the lunch menu, although the majority of the items offered are the same. Up to 31 types of food are...
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