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Topics: Customer service, Service of process, Customer Pages: 5 (1730 words) Published: December 9, 2009
1.Why is Mr. Shelton upset? What should be done to address his complaint? Mr. Shelton is upset over Presto Cleaner’s bad customer service. Here are some points that need to be addressed by Presto Cleaners: -The implementation of computer-based system that should have helped speed up the customer service was a disaster. It wasn’t because it was a bad idea to incorporate technology to the business, but because there was limited time in training the employees to learn to use the system. Thus, defeating the purpose of speeding up customer service since the employees themselves had to learn to use the system as they went along the daily business. This created a lot of inconvenience to the customers while service took twice as long as it was when they weren’t using the new computerized system. -Presto Cleaner’s management’s response to complaints was lousy. First of all, managers must always be available and approachable when needed by the customers. Mr. Hoffner’s complete disregard of Mr. Shelton’s complaints was unacceptable. Management must always make the customers feel that they are important to the company and any problems raised by the customers must be addressed with politeness, respect, consideration and friendliness. When Mr. Hoffner did not return the calls of Mr. Shelton, it sent the message to the customer that they are not interested. In Mr. Hoffner’s letter to the president, he was very defensive of his actions. Managers must always view customer complaints as opportunities for positive change, not as reasons to be defensive. Presto Cleaner’s poor service reflects the unresponsive and irresponsible employee attitude of upper and middle management. A change in the culture of its employees must be done in order for them to build a positive attitude towards its customers. First, it must be made clear that when you are in the service type of business, it is expected that employees go out of their way to solve customer problems. Second, standards for both response time and appropriateness of redress must be set up. Third, employees especially the managers must be trained to deal with customers who have been, or believe they have been, wronged by the company. -How much compensation must the company give Mr. Shelton for all the inconvenience they have caused? Mr. Hoffner’s letter to the president clearly implied that if their counter offer for the compensation is not acceptable to Mr. Shelton, then, they should let Mr. Shelton go. Mr. Hoffner did not take into consideration the effects of dropping Mr. Shelton this way. Through word of mouth, the Sheltons can do a great deal of damage to the company. Beyond that, Hoffner’s assumption that the Shelton’s is a lost cause is probably incorrect. The fact that they bothered to write to the company suggests that they want to be coaxed back into the Presto Cleaner fold. Taking the time to complain on the quality of service of a certain company is not something everyone would do. Some customers don’t bother to complain, but just walk away and find other alternative companies to do business with. What the Shelton’s did showed that they cared and would want the company to improve so that they could continue doing business hassle free. I suggest that Mr. Sewickley reimburse the Shelton’s with the purchase of the 4 shirts as well as a full refund for the order that was lost. Aside from the apology from Mr. Hoffner, a personal apology from Mr. Sewickley is also necessary. There should be a sense of “going out of the way” to extend to the Shelton’s that they are really sorry for the inconvenience and that the management is doing the best they can not to make the same mistake again. He must be both an arbiter and role model for customer relations and customer treatment at Presto Cleaner. He must show Mr. Hoffner through example how customers are to be treated. Had Mr. Hoffner handled the situation of the missing...
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