Pressure Vs. Temperature Lab

Topics: Pressure, Gas, Ideal gas law Pages: 4 (576 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Exploring Pressure-Volume Relationships

Table 1: Pressure vs. Volume of Container

Chart 1:
Chart 2:

Part B

Table 2: Data for determining R
Mass Mg
Volume HCl
Volume Of Container
0.29 g
5 mL
144.544 mL
Vapor Pressure

17.55 torr

Initial Pressure
Final Pressure

499.9 torr
692.2 torr

Part C

Experimental Design

A flask with the same volume as Part B was stoppered and equipped with a pressure sensor. Some water was placed into the flask to give some vapor pressure. The exact volume of the flask was not needed because this experiment involved only pressure and temperature. The flask was then placed in a larger beaker full of water and placed on a hot plate. The temperature and pressure were recorded every 5 seconds as the flask was heated.

Chart 3:

Sample Calculations

Moles Of Hydrogen Gas Produced
0.029 g Mg/(24.31 g/mol) = 0.00119 mol Mg

.00119 mol Mg = mol H2

.00119 mol H2

Partial Pressure Of Hydrogen Gas

Total Pressure Change = 192.3 torr

Vapor Pressure of Water = 17.55 torr

Partial Pressure of H2 = Total Pressure Change - Vapor Pressure of Water

192.3 torr - 17.55 torr = 174.8 Torr

Calculation of R

PV = nRT

R = PV/nT

R = (0.2299 atm)(0.1405 L)/(0.00119 mol H2)(292.9 K)

R = 0.0927 L atm/ mol K

Percent Error R

(0.0927 - 0.08206)/0.08206 x 100% = 12.97% error

Calculation of when P = 0

formula from graph: y = 0.1898x - 68.204

When x = 0 (P = 0 ) y = -68.204 ℃.


Part A

This section of the experiment was designed to test Boyle’s law, which relates pressure to volume of the container. The data obtained during experimentation follows Boyle’s law. As the volume of the container decreases, the pressure inside of the container increases. This relationship is because of the behavior of the particles themselves inside of the...

References: Bottomley, L.; Bottomley, L.A.; Chem 1211k/1212k, Chemical Principles 1 & 2 Laboratory Manual, 2013-2014.
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