Pressure on Teens

Topics: Anorexia nervosa, Adolescence, Young adult Pages: 3 (1245 words) Published: May 6, 2010
Media’s Pressure on Teens

Millions of boys and girls all over the U.S. get up every morning and step in front of their mirror to ask one question. The question crossing minds at that moment is “Does this look cool?” Oddly enough, to most teens in America, they are not meeting the standard set by their peers and the press. Teens base their styles, attitudes and ideas of what they see, hear and read which creates huge problems elsewhere. These problems can occur in the way teens treat others and the way they treat themselves. American teens and adults have yet to look past all the flashy clothing and make-up to understand what is actually being sold and how it can affect people in a terribly negative way. From my experience as a teen, I have seen my peers change to fit the latest fads and understand the weak points of teenagers. I have therefore concluded, the four strongest influences on teens from the media are the correlations from fashion and music to “self-identity”, showing teens how to think, talk, and feel, the selling of images not products, and body and physical issues.

For most people, adolescence was a time of truth and realization or “finding yourself”. Well, it is good to know things have not changed, because young adults these days feel the same way. But for teens today, they only find out what and who the media wants them to be. The interests of teenagers are derived from music and television. If someone hears a band on the radio and people around them say the band is “sick” and “ way cool” the person will believe it despite whether or not the music is trash. It all begins here. The links between music and finding your place at school or in a community are so incredibly strong teens base their outlook toward life and others on them. The connection between music and finding “who you are” is only the tip on the huge, esteem-eating, merciless iceberg of the media.

Teens find ways to deal with life’s challenges by talking, thinking and...
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