pressure groups

Topics: Political philosophy, Government, Abelian group Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Do pressure groups strengthen or weaken democracy?
Pressure groups do both strengthen and weaken democracy, as they strengthen democracy because the give citizens a voice on a issues, be it big or small, they give a voice all the time when the group is active, they also persuade the government to change things be that laws or how the country is run, they give minorities a voice who normal would not have a voice/ representative in government or parliament, e.g. subgroups small groups on a n issue, they have expert knowledge in there area they support they also have passion and the education, pressure group carats new ideas. Why do pressure groups weaken democracy some things are that they could be seen as selfish that they only stand for one issue for a small group of people and don�t care what will happen to everyone else, they can become too political more cross with a political party then a pressure group so to lose it touch with it�s members, and that some pressure groups do not have an elected head by it�s members so the members of the group do not get a say in who should be there leader. Pressure groups strengthen democracy as they give citizen a voice in a issue they believe in if they have no representative in government or parliament, and an extra voice to people who have a representative in parliament, but their MP dose not believe in what they believe in, plus pressure group give a voice all the time when the group is active. The persuade the government to take an note of what people thing and what they want done, they also persuade the government to change old laws or make news ones. Pressure groups give minorities a voice, they help get there point across when the government would normal not take note of what a small group of people want. So pressure groups help subgroups small groups get their issue across, and to get more people to join their group and help support them. Pressure groups have expert knowledge in the area they are persuading the...
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