Pressure Differences Between Viruses And Ionic Bonds In The Body

Topics: Bacteria, DNA, Gene, Antibiotic resistance, Immune system, Enzyme / Pages: 1 (183 words) / Published: Oct 2nd, 2016
Scientist Patrick Masson, Carole Tonello, and Claude Balny research and experiment with pressure and how an increase in pressure can stabilize enzymes. This is tested to determine whether they can enhance the immunity against different viruses and bacteria through vaccinations. The scientists test the same enzyme modifications that are usually found in food preservation chemicals. It wasn’t until the more recent years that scientist thought to apply that same logic to medical uses. (Balny & Hayashi 1996)

Pressure Effects

Though pressure doesn’t break covalent bonds in the body, it does single out the weak bonds and ionic bonds and disrupts them. When it comes to the ionization of certain substances, such as acids, bases, and

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