Pressuasive Essay on Why the Electoral College Is No Longer Needed

Topics: Election, Voting, Elections Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Electoral College

Have you ever wondered why the Electoral College is still needed to elect a chief executive into office? You see, the Electoral College consists of the electors appointed by each state to cast a vote for president. It is the majority of electoral votes, not the popular vote of the people, that determines who wins the presidency. Worse, the electors may vote however they wish; it is not required for them to vote according the popular vote of their states. When the 12th Amendment was written, our country did not have the communication abilities it does today. Communication wasn’t always accurate and at times it was very difficult. It would have been difficult for most citizens to make an informed decision about their vote, so electors were chosen for their education, wisdom and understanding of politics. Today, however, most of our citizens are better-educated and far more informed than citizens were in the 18th century. The Electoral College is no longer needed to elect our president.

On the other side however, supporters of the Electoral College say its is designed to bring together the largest possible support for the winner, but this “winner take all” politics is not always reflecting what the American people want. It’s a riggable system, basically. Others might say that distribution of support is more important than depth of support, but these electors are humans and are naturally more open to vote for who they want rather than what the people want. It even states that the elector can vote for who they want. So what’s not to say it isn’t a biased election on the electors’ part? Therefore, we no longer need the Electoral College. The people can, are willing, and able to speak for themselves.

One very crucial reason there should be no Electoral College is that it violates political equality. “At base, it violates political equality, it’s not a neutral counting device; instead, it favors some citizens over others (George Edwards).” Not...
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