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Pressing Issues In Student Affairs

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Pressing Issues in Student Affairs
After reading the two articles, a pressing issue that caught my eye is the increasing diverse students and their perception of affiliation. As student affairs professionals, how to create a welcoming environment for various students becomes the major issue.
Hornak (2009) states that the diversity of student population and the diversity work create unpredictable environment in decision-making about learning and institutional priorities. Community colleges have a more complicated group of students from traditional students to non-traditional students. Students may vary in gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, nationality, age, and political and cultural beliefs. So it is more difficult nowadays for student affairs professionals to serve students and provide a convenient and helpful climate. Based on the diverse community, Ortiz (1999) finds that the best way is the collegiate ideal, which means to recruit individuals who identify with the university or have attended and are committed to the mission of the institution.
It is true that students who attend the universities and colleges bring with them diversity in thought and life experience. Reinforcing respect for the individual differences is as important as creating an environment of growth, understanding and civility. In order to help students succeed in academic and personal development, student affairs professionals who work with faculties and students provide various community centers offering academic resources, social events, and support. This is not a pressing issue only affects student affairs, therefore every department in the institutions should play apart.

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