Presidential vs Parliamentary Systems

Topics: Legislature, United Kingdom, President of the United States Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Presidential system is more democratic than the Parliamentary system. Since the question asked is which system is more democratic rather than which system is more effective than the answer would be the Presidential system because of the checks and balances and the equal balance of power. I believe that the effectiveness of the Parliamentary system should be definitely be taken into consideration because it might take years for laws to get passed in the U.S. it might take just months for it to pass in Britain. I think that the reason for the delays are because the minorities have so much representation and so many opportunities to speak up and hold down a law or bill from getting passed. The debates between both parties both Democrats and Republicans lead to an even greater standstill because unlike in Britain there are rarely any consensus periods. The Republicans are either right or far right in relation to the beliefs of the Democratic Party.

A defect of the Presidential party is that the people rarely have an in look into what is going on between the ideas of the President and Congress. We should definitely have weekly debates or at least monthly debates as a way to inform the people and prevent the surges of ignorance that so often rise in the community. The British people are very politically involved that they do not even mind letting the majority take over to a certain extent because they know that later on they will be able to rebuttal that bill or law but in turn the American people feel so empowered by the democratic stand point of the system that they try to put their input in whenever they can.

I believe that an improvement to the Presidential system could be that we develop a system in which the minorities can make their voices heard instead trying to put laws on a stand still. If we just let the majorities head a certain bill or law things would work a lot faster. WE would allow the opposition to display...
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