Presidential Victory Speech

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Ashlyn Morris

Extra Credit: 2012 Presidential Victory Speech

This year we had our 2012 election for our forty-fifth president of the United States of America. Barack Obama, now being our forty-forth and forty-fifth president, won on November 7, 2012 to opponent governor Mitt Romney. He won with three-hundred and thirty-two electoral votes verses Romney’s two-hundred and six votes. After months upon months of campaigning, Obamas victory lead him to have his victory speech on November 7, 2012 giving thanks to the American people for re-electing him.

His speech began with his gratitude towards all of the voters who “stayed with him through all of the struggles and dark valleys”, as well as voters who were Pro-Romney. Obama thanked his wife, sponsors, daughters, and other important figures in his life. After he had given a big thank you to the people who had affected him the most during this election, he made a big focus towards everything American people have gone through. Due to Americans having loss in jobs and an unstable economy, Obama commends the people for their faith in him and his tactics. He goes on to tell them that he understands how much they have endured over these past four years, but exclaims that he is excited for a new future. Barack touches base on the fact that him and his followers have experienced the good and bad together, and that he is so grateful for all voters. He did focus on Romney for a short while stating that he had congratulated him and was looking forward to making this country a better place with the help of Governor Romney. “This is why the election matters”, stated Obama as he told the people of his excitement for this victory.

In President Barack Obamas 2012 Victory Speech, it was overall very well put together and was extremely adaptable to the majority of the audience. His invention was very intense that gave the audience a sense of urgency to their lives. The moral of his speech was how important it is to be a...
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