Presidential Form of Government

Topics: Political party, Political philosophy, India Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Thank you for accepting to debate on the issue that is important for India's future. India is a big and second most populous country in the entire world. India needs a leadership that is accountable, that can submerge the divisions within and make it a strong nation free from corruption, inequities and backwardness. You will be surprised to note people have different views even on singing the National song 'VANDE MATARAM' India is the second most populous nation. India needs a leadership that bridges the divide between different castes, communities groups. The politics being played by the politicians are increasing the rifts within the society and the nation. India needs a leader who can be above caste, creed and communal perspectives and truly' keeps people first policy Is it time for India to switch over to Presidential form of government?? India requires political leader ship with a vision that looks beyond caste, communal and regional politics. Indian political leadership need to focus on good governance that leverages the skills of its people and resources. Endowed with massive human resource talent as well as enormous natural resources, India could have achieved much more than what it has achieved so far. But unfortunately, India is a country of contradictions. India got nuclear bombs, warships, huge army, vast IT talent and skilled workforce, but India is also place for millions and millions of people who have no access to pure drinking water, proper health care, reasonable shelter and social security. India continues where equality of opportunity on the basis of merit is a far cry. In terms of human development index India still has to do a lot of catching up. India with a billion + population is not even a permanent member of the Security Council which speaks of the failure of the system of governance. I want to put forth before my friend the complexities India is facing on account of the type of governance that encourages divisions and fails to solve...
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