Presidential elections in USA

Topics: Barack Obama, President of the United States, Democratic Party Pages: 5 (1675 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Presidential elections have been part of American history since the beginning of America. It has been the people of America who have continued to choose who will lead America in good times and bad. We’ve all seen great presidents and we’ve seen not so great presidents. The 2012 presidential elections will be one of the greatest and closest races of all time. Today America is at a recession and America is in need of a President who can make America strong again and helps its people out of struggling times. After evaluating all the presidential candidates for 2012, my vote would have to be for President Barrack Obama. President Barrack Obama was signed into office and inherited all that came with it, like our hurting economy and previous deficits. Although we have not seen a tremendous change in our country these past four years we have seen it get better progressively. President Barrack Obama has continued to provide justification for his plans to support national security, help with education and a recovered economy for the better of the American people. America is on the right track and will become a better stronger America once again. First of all, American military power is vital to the preservation of our own security and peace around the world. Our American military has been a vital part of what America is today from World War I to today’s war on terrorism. It is America today that patrols the global commons and keeps them safe for trade and commerce. It is America today that is working to extinguish terrorism around the world. President Barrack Obama has showed his support in America’s national security from the war in Iraq to our recent terrorist attack in Libya. President Barack Obama has brought the war in Iraq to an end after 9 years of war and many tragic sacrifices by our soldiers. With his leadership America’s military has put an end to one of the deadliest terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, and promises to end the war in Afghanistan. But yet republicans have continued several times to say that President Barrack Obama does not support our military. Within a month of being sworn into presidency, President Obama began a string of votes in favor of war-funding. According to Brooks Jackson, editor for fact,”Obama’s final vote for troop funding in 2007 was for an emergency supplemental appropriation that also included a call for withdrawal from Iraq.” Obama issued[->0] a news release at the time, saying: "We must fund our troops. But we owe them something more. ... With my vote today, I am saying to the President that enough is enough (President Barrack Obama).” But ending the war in Iraq is not the end of addressing our defense challenges. President Barrack Obama plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan very soon. He has not only supported our military but at the same time has mad alliances with other countries to ensure the safety of America. A weak America, an America in decline, an America that retreats from its responsibilities, would usher in an era of uncertainty and danger, first for the United States, but also for all those everywhere who believe in the cause of freedom. President Barrack Obama has not only supported our troops but will continue to fight back with all force necessary.

Secondly, America’s education is in all probability the most important asset for Americans. Without an education today, it is very difficult to make a dependable future for yourself. If education was slashed Americans opportunities would be diminished and opportunity would be intricate. Several convention speakers claimed the “Romney and Ryan budget” would cut domestic spending 20 percent across the board, crippling federally funded programs. Under the “Romney and Ryan budget” education would also be cut by as much as 20 percent. This means that 200,000 fewer children would be able to attend Head Start, this would also mean fewer teachers in the classroom, fewer resources for underprivileged kids...
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