President of Mexico: Francisco I. Madero

Topics: International Democrat Union, Mexico, Francisco I. Madero Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: May 30, 2005
Franciso I. Madero

The Rosary was born in the Property, Parras, Coahuila, in 1873. It belonged to a well-off family of agriculturists. It made studies of commerce in France and the United States.

From 1904 it took part in political subjects of Coahuila. President of the Independent Democratic Party named, that was against the re-election of the governor, Miguel Cardinal red. He collaborated in the organ of that party: The Democrat, in whom he wrote political articles, spreading his ideas on the human rights, the vote and the freedom. In 1908 I publish the Presidential Succession of 1910, book in which put to recover the democracy under protection of the Constitution of 1857. In its work it defended the political freedom and it showed the necessity to form a great political party that participated in the presidential elections of 1910. It defined to the Constitution of the 1857 like the triumph of the liberal ideas: Both great parties that formed, once obtained our independence -liberal and the conservative-, then represented the aspirations and the interests of two great Mexican groups. first, of ideas outposts, he wanted to implant in our country the most modern principles, and the second he wished to conserve to where outside possible, the old traditions. This party, integrated mainly by the people of money, always preservative, and by the clergy possessor of immense wealth, looked for the shade of a government of its form, the protection to its numerous interests (...) in the Hill of ace Bells was buried for always old the Conservative Party ".

With its initiative the National Party Antireeleccionista was created (1909), of which candidate to the presidency of the Republic went. As of that moment, it initiated an intense political campaign by all the country to spread the democratic principles. This party, directed by Emilio Vázquez Go'mez, made a convention the 15 of April of 1910, in which the basic principles were proclaimed that they...
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