President Obama's Speech

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Iraq War Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: November 17, 2009
We The People
In President Barack Obama’s speech, he often mentioned the past history of the United States of America, starting with the founding documents of our country. The founding documents its self are the history of our country, but we looked at it in a different perspective; as it was an idea of freedom, in the term of all men are created equal. President Barack Obama is using history as a tool to links his audiences back to those timeline when our country were at war with fascism, segregation, communism and how the government and the peoples had overcome those events with strong confidence. The President uses the past history as a lesson for us to learn from; therefore we will make better history in the future.

The president started the speech by using a metaphor of “gathering clouds and raging storm” to describe our country problems. The gathering clouds and raging storm is a perfect metaphor in a moment where our country is preparing for a new administration with different opinion in solving problems ahead in the future. He wants his audience to have a good understanding of the situation that he and his administration are facing in the next four year. In paragraph two he mentions the term “we the People” in his sentence as an implication of and our government. Also in the first paragraph he uses the word “mindful” to express his gratitude towards our ancestors, soldiers who fought and died for freedom, workers who worked hard for the prosperities of our country. In my opinion, it is clear that President Obama mentions those sacrifices of our ancestors in the past to show us that; the reason we remain the greatest country in the world is because of those sacrifices of the people. Once again President Obama is using history as an example for his audience to look at it, and maybe learn from it. Histories are facts of events that happened in the past which only time could judge. This might sound absurd to many people, but I think...
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