President Nixon and the “Watergate Scandal”

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President Nixon and the “Watergate Scandal”
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A White House political scandal came to light during the summer of the 1972 presidential campaign between Republican candidate President Richard Nixon and Democratic candidate Senator George McGovern. The scandal surfaced after a break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate apartment-office complex in Washington, D.C. After several Congressional hearings, it all ended in the resignation of President Nixon in 1974, who was in fact the first President to resign.

What were the long term effects of the Nixon Administrations “Watergate Scandal” on the American Government?
It all began with Nixon’s Administration wanting to win the upcoming election on November 7, 1972. Therefore they devised an unsuccessful plan to break-in to the Democratic office on a summer night to get information on their campaign. The Watergate Scandal was a two year cutthroat affair that led to many long term effects in our government.

One of the most negative effects of the Watergate scandal was skepticism about the federal government in American public opinion. The public opinion is a large part in American Government because we the people decide who represents us in the public offices; in this case the scandal caused many people to question our government and the people we trusted with our nation’s decisions. Most people felt that our country was suffering for a careless act that ended up not being beneficial at all. Nixon spent two years along with everyone else involved in the scandal trying to cover up and hide

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everything that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. There were recorded phone conversations that the White house would not release, bringing even more interest to the matter. The question was “What is there to hide if you’re not involved in the Watergate Affair”? They never could come up with an answer and or legit reasoning. Also one of the main ways the public was so...
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