President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Address 2013 Critique

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Illinois Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 10, 2013
President Barack Obama’s Inauguration address 2013 Critique

After watching the President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech, I feel like it was an inspiring and moving speech, he laid out the changes he wants to make as a president. When he was giving the speech, he looked like he knew what he was doing and showed the audience he had done this kind of speech before. I think he was really confident about his speech. Although the speech was good at many ways, there is something he always can do better.

First, President Obama looked really serious when he was giving the speech. He used his solemnness to show the American citizens he cares about this country and also set the tone of the speech. Second, president Obama seemed he was really focused on the speech. I don’t know weather he had a teleprompter or not when he was giving the speech, but he looked like he knows the material pretty well, because it seemed like he memorized the speech. Third, because he knew the material so well, so he could be able to made lots of eye contacts with the audience. Communicating with the audience is really important for an orator; I think president Obama handled that really well by using eye contacts and hand motions through out his entire speech. Finally, people do pay attention about the outfits of the orator when he/she is giving the speech. President Obama’s outfit was proper and he looked like a president on stage.

As I mentioned earlier, he can also make this speech perfect by avoiding some little issues. First, there were so many pauses when he was presenting, and some of the pauses were little bit long. In my own opinion, the pauses can cause the audience to loose their interests about the speech; it can make the audience think about other things during the pauses, so it will break the continuity of the speech. Second, there was so much information to retain and remember. Although the speech was well organized, too much information can also cause people forget...
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