Preservation Versus Progression

Topics: Cultural heritage, World Heritage Site, UNESCO Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Progression without doubt plays a significant key in developing our society and improving our standard of living. At the same time, preserving the past also brings about plethora of blessings to our society today as it helps to create a sense of patriotism, unity and identity within the nation . In order for a country to progress and also preserve our heritage at one fell swoop, various actions have to be done. Here, I will be discussing on the ways for a country to have the best of the both worlds.

Many view ‘heritage’ as being about museums and old buildings, but in fact it is anything that has been left for us by former generations. It could be a church or a vintage vehicle. What define us as a nation is the combination of all the artifacts, buildings and ephemera. Hence, the governments should be liable in preserving all these memorials. These monuments definitely play a significant part in improving the economic development of the country by attracting various foreigners from all corners of the globe to visit the country. Take Singapore as an example, Singapore is a magnificent treasure box of vastly riveting historical places. Filled with various alluring monumental displays consisting of churches, old buildings, temples and mosques, many tourists have been flowing into Singapore to visit these places, benefiting Singapore’s economy. Hence, the government should not demolish any of these historical sites and continue to preserve them.

On the next level, society can contribute by continuously emphasizing and gaining public awareness of the paramount importance to preserve and protect our cultural heritage. This can be done by documenting the monuments and historical artifacts that are still present in our today’s world. Through these documentaries, people will be able to recognize the beauty and the exquisiteness of these memorials. Education also plays a big role. By educating today’s youth, they may start to realize and comprehend the need to...
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