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There are a number of reasons why children may try smoking.

Tobacco advertising

Research has shown that advertising may encourage children to start smoking. Even adverts aimed at over 18s are attractive to children who aspire to adult behavior. Direct cigarette advertising is now banned in the UK. Find out more about the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act in the public policy tobacco control section.

A sibling or parent who smokes
Siblings and parents are role models for children. If a child’s parents smoke they are three times more likely to smoke themselves. To Look Cool
To Feel Like Being Matured


All teenagers experiment - often with activities that they believe make them appear more 'grown up'. Trying new things and making mistakes is part of the normal learning process. But the danger with trying smoking is that nicotine is very addictive. Peer Pressure

People smoke for many different reasons. Firstly, smoking is very addictive. Secondly, smokers have been influenced by the clever marketing tactics of tobacco companies for many years. There are also many other personal reasons why people smoke.

Cigarettes contain nicotine - a highly addictive drug
If you smoke you are probably addicted to nicotine. Nicotine dependency is one of the main reasons why people continue to smoke. Smokers may find it hard to give up, even when their smoking makes them very sick.

Nicotine is a stimulant that increases your heart rate and affects many different parts of your brain and body. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include cravings, irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, restlessness and disturbed sleep.

Cigarettes are deliberately designed to give you a fast nicotine hit. It takes just 10 seconds for the drug to reach your brain from inhaled cigarette smoke.

Tobacco advertising and promotion
Half of smokers die from smoking related diseases. The tobacco industry needs new customers to replace the 114,000 people who are killed by smoking in the UK each year. Cigarette manufacturers make sure that:

they know exactly why people smoke
they cleverly market products to attract new customers.

In the past cigarette manufacturers have deliberately targeted children and young people. The industry spends a great deal of money on making cigarettes seem glamorous, appealing, fashionable and attractive. Most smokers started when they were young and image conscious. Young smokers often find it difficult to give up in later life.

Cigarette advertising is now banned in the UK. So the industry is developing new and subtle tactics to avoid prosecution.

Stress and relaxation
Many people claim that smoking helps them to cope with stress. But in fact, nicotine is a stimulant and won’t help you to relax. Smokers probably think a cigarette makes them feel better because when they aren’t smoking they suffer from nicotine withdrawal.

Other personal reasons for smoking
People have many other personal reasons for smoking. Smokers may:

use smoking as a support for when things go wrong
enjoy smoking with others as a shared activity
use smoking to start conversations and meet new people
smoke to make themselves look more confident and in control think that cigarettes help them to keep their weight down
have a cigarette when they’re feeling bored or lonely
smoke when they need a break or a moment to themselves.

Stress is considered a cause for smoking by many people. Actually, smoking is a cause of stress. Recent correspondence dealt with reasons people give for going back to smoking: social situations, parties, alcohol consumption and stress. This month I wish to amplify on stress. Remember, smoking cannot solve problems of daily living. No matter what the problem, there is a more effective way of solving it than smoking. In fact, a smoker's health risks are a real problem that can only be solved if they - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF! Conclusion

Being Alive...
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