Presentation of Mission – Vision Elements

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Presentation of Mission – Vision Elements
1. Customer 
The Mission – Vision of National Bookstore holds a strong focus on itscustomers that is to serve all their customers with tools that enrich their mindsand improve skills to ensure their success. The company is committed in providing quality products that would enable them to be equipped with the rightknowledge and skills that will serve as the foundation of their success. 2. Products/Services

National Bookstore’s mission is to provide the largest selection of productsand services for them to attain their goal that is to enrich the minds and improvethe skills of their customers. This is made possible through the well diversifiedbranches of the company. 3. Market

National Bookstore envisions itself to build a thousands of strongknowledge centers not only in the country but throughout the Asia – PacificRegion. 4. Technology
To attain its goal, National Bookstore continues to grow. It is stated in theMV statement that the company will be able to reach their customers through itsgrowing branch network. 5. Survival, Growth and Profitability

National Bookstore is company who envisions itself to be the leadingbookstore not only in the country but to the entire Asia-Pacific region by the year 2025.

6. Philosophy
The values embraced by the company, its owners and employees iscontained in the acronym MINDSET that is to have Malasakit (to be concernedto or with), to be INnovative in their products and services, to have a strongsense of Dignity in everything they do, to be Service-oriented, strive for Excellence and to work as a Team. The company believes that having thismindset is their key to success.These values guide each employee and the whole company itself in theway how the business is being conducted. The company is concerned with theproducts and service they offer that is why they want to be innovative in the bestway they can to provide a higher sense of satisfaction to its customers. Thecompany also...
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