Presentation in physics

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Presentation In Physics

1. To answer the following questions:
What is an investigatory project ?
Why do 4th year students make an investigatory project ?
Why did we choose our investigatory project ?
To defend our investigatory project.

What is an investigatory project ?
An investigatory project is also known as an experimental project and is one which is used to show how something might happen if certain conditions are added to it. It can also be used to investigate why something happens in a certain manner and how different phenomenon affect things around them.  Most investigatory projects involve the use of the scientific method and experimentation.

Why do 4th year students make an investigatory project ?
To investigate and see the changes of a particular things in any condition. To make new inventions and expand our imaginations.

Reasons why we choose our investigatory project:
Easy to make
All materials are made from recycled materials
Seasonable to our weather
It can save gasoline because it is powered by electricity.

Plastic Bottle
Insulated wires
Camouflage Stickers
E-Boat means “electric boat” it is the best word to describe our invention. It is made up of non-toxic materials. Our E-Boat is a miniature version of a modern military boat. If you make it to its original size, we can use it in saving stranded people in flooded areas. It can also use to distribute goods to the victims of typhoon. It can use as warship in case of war arise. We can use electric energy instead of fuels.
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