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Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Louvre, Vatican City Pages: 9 (2552 words) Published: December 23, 2014
Unit 9 Final Project
HU250 Humanities and Cultures
Melissa Scot
Kaplan University

Project is a thoughtful and reasoned
Thanks for your thoughtful workAon
the final
project and your “postcards!”
discussion of experience in course
TOTAL: 160/160
There are specific examples which are treated
thoughtfully. Writing is clear, APA is correct
and project is the required length.
There is some degree of thoughtfulness in the
discussion, and some specificity; it is
generally clearly-written and features correct

B (128-143 points)

Discussion is limited or examples are limited.
APA is missing or numerous problems with
mechanics are present.

C (112-127 points)

Project is only partially on topic, lacks
originality, or has missing components.
Project is off topic, plagiarized or abusive.

D (96-111 points)
F (0-95 points)

Welcome to my Travels around the world and through time.
We can all inspired by those around us, the beauty of cultures and people can be irresistible to a traveler like myself. So join me on my journeys through time and countries, places and
people. Sit back and have an open mind, embrace new and
interesting ideas… even if they come from thousands of years ago. Follow the beautiful words of Robert Frost,” Two roads diverged in a wood, And II took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Ancient M e

Welcome to Ancient Matambo Zimbabwe….before 1000ce

I would like to welcome you to our first stop in my travels through time and countries and cultures, to the beauty of the The Matobo Hills. These hills form what is part of the Matobo National Park, and the Mother and Child formation is the most special destinations in Zimbabwe. Matambo National Park is spectacularly beautiful and is also filled with a quiet serenity. The Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe was proclaimed a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003.The Matopbo Hills is a location of large archaeological significance. Over 3000 rock art sites created by thr San inhabitants dating from 2000 years ago are amassed here at the park. You will also be able to find other artifacts such as clay ovens and stone tools,that date back from the Pre-middle Stone Age (approximately 300 000 BP) can also be found in many numerous caves that have been opened to the public in the Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe. The San people were originally part of a pastoral culture and language group found across Southern Africa. The Sans did originate from the northern area of modern day Botswana. These people traveled all the way to the Cape of Afica some nearly 2000 years ago. As we enjoy the beauty of these parks, remember to take care of this beautiful environment and work as hard as you can to help the preservation efforts here as well.

Athena's Temple

In our second stop in our travels we come to Ancient Greece. My favorite place to stop happens to be my favorite temple. This is an image of the Temple of Athena. The Greeks decided to build the temple to Athena as part of an effort to beat the Spartans and become a world power. The temple was built a litle small, but that was due to it’s location on a rocky outcropping. The Temple was positioned there so that the people of Athens could worship their victory goddess and hope for a victory in their war endeavors.” A cult statue of Athena Nike stood inside the small 5m x 5m naos. An account by the ancient writer Pausanias describes the statue as made of wood, holding a helmet in her left hand, and a pomegranate (symbol of fertility) in her right. Unlike the famous "Winged Victory of Samothrace" in the Louvre Museum, this Nike statue was wingless. This led Athenians in later centuries to call it Nike Apteros (wing-less victory), and a legend arose that the statue was deprived of wings so she could never leave the city.” retrieved from the wed September 25,2014...

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