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North South University

Course Title & Code: Bus 101

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Submission Date: 19/04/2015

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Optical Smart Shop Ltd.

Introduction: Our business is about the international brand name Canon. We are planning to bring this brand through an authorized reseller Ltd. It’s a camera brand company from Japan/Taiwan. There will be available every cameras of Canon. Digital cameras, professional cameras, lenses are to be brought in this reseller shop. Canon business is a leading provider of managed services and technology that enable organizations improve operational efficiency while reducing risk and cost. Our mission is to bring this brand into a most profitable business than the other electronic device business. We’ll order every parts and accessories from Japan/Taiwan and they parcel the delivery with a fixed date. We’ll give many opportunities for the customers such as extra discount on special occasions and offer many accessories for free limited times only. . That’s how we’ll start our business.

SWOT Analysis: SWOT is a Combination of strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. By evaluating all four of these factors, a firm can develop their position.

1. Strength:

Modern technology: In our modern era, camera would be a great device to use for capturing images of landscapes, weeding, telecasting films, dramas etc. It’s a great way to capture and save the cultural activities.

Brand name: Canon is a name which is one of the most famous camera brands in the world. It’s an identity of a branded product.

Quality: Canon is a leading brand than the cameras of SONY, Fujifilm, Panasonic, LG for Digital Single Lens Reflex models etc.

2. Weaknesses:

Dependent on world market: In recent business competition, Nikon brand is the mostly comparable brand for the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera with the Canon. The Nikon are selling better and full of quality in lenses than the Canon. It’s a great weakness for Canon.

Price: The Canon’s are selling cheaper priced lenses than Nikon which is showing to the customers some lacking in quality.

Lack of brand recognition: In the internal part of Canon’s devices there is some lacking such as ISO, megapixel print than Nikon. On the other hand, there are many devices which are clone or not with brand value. These types of product are to be brought directly from China.

3. Opportunities:

Demands: Canon is growing very popular in the market. It is now full of demand in the business field.

Online market: Canon’s product can be bought from using e-marketing through official website.

Low competition: Nikon is the brand which is comparable to Canon.

4. Threats:

Bad economy: A bad economy can hurt canon inc business by decreasing the number of potential customers.

Mature Market: Mature markets are competitive. In order for Canon to grow in a mature market, it has to increase market share, which is difficult and expensive.Mature Market has a significant impact, so an analyst should put more weight into it. Mature Markets (Canon) will have a long-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from the entity's value. This statement will have a short-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from its value. This statement will lead to a decrease in profits. Management Team: Management is the process of achieving organizational objectives through people and other resources.

The Management Hierarchy

1. Top Management: We are four owners in this reseller shop. There will be a chief executive officer and a general manager.

2. Middle Management: There will be three assistant managers who will handle every customer’s choices and needs. They’ll also manage every accessories of the shop properly and there will be an accountant who is going to manage every purchase of devices and accessories. He’ll manage every bill payment...
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