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CKE Restaurants, Inc., known as Carl Karcher Enterprises Inc. for much of its history, owns and franchises restaurants. Over the last 60 years Carl's Jr.® has built a reputation as America's premier burger chain, and is known as the place to go for big, juicy, delicious charbroiled burgers. Today, there are more than 1,100 Carl's Jr.® restaurants worldwide, with more than 300 dual-branded Carl's Jr.®/Green Burrito® restaurants. .

Carl's Jr., will soon open the first of 25 new restaurants to be developed in Singapore and Malaysia over the next eight years. The company has entered into a franchise agreement with Aspac F&B Pte. Ltd., and expects to open Singapore's first Carl's Jr. in early 2005.

the strategic expansion into Singapore was based on the country's high population density, strong per capita GNP, and a broad acceptance of western goods and services.Singapore in September 2003. Aspac F&B Pte. Ltd. is a member of the Fong Tat Group, headquartered in Singapore with primary core businesses in trading, distribution and property development. "We are very excited about the opportunities that this Carl's Jr. master franchise agreement holds," said the company's Chairman, Richard Tan. "With our experienced operational management team led by Philip Lim, general manager, we certainly look forward to the challenge of growing the internationally renowned Carl's Jr. brand here in Singapore and Malaysia." Aspac is a highly professional, principled, family-oriented firm with strong knowledge of the local market. Their passion for the Carl's Jr. brand and overall enthusiasm for the project were key elements contributing to the successful conclusion of our negotiations."

As of its first fiscal quarter ended May 22, 2006, CKE Restaurants, Inc., through its subsidiaries, had a total of 3,141 franchised or company-owned restaurants in 43 states and in 13 countries, including 1,062 Carl's Jr. restaurants, 1,963 Hardee's restaurants and 100 La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill restaurants.

In the mid-1980s, Carl's Jr. ran aground from overexpansion and excessive tinkering with the menu. Earlier in the decade the chain had successfully introduced a Western Bacon Cheeseburger and a Charbroiler Chicken Sandwich. Then in an attempt to be a cross between a fast-food restaurant and a coffee shop, four charbroiler dinners were added to the menu in 1983--top sirloin steak, boneless chicken breast, rainbow trout, and ground beef steak. Each came with a choice of baked potato, fried zucchini, or wedge-cut potatoes and garlic toast. The dinners were served on platters rather than paper plates, and customers were provided with silverware, not plastic utensils. Unfortunately, the charbroiler dinners created a host of problems: the need to install dishwashers, traffic backups at the drive-thru's thanks to the length of time it took to prepare the dinners, and general customer confusion over what Carl's Jr. was. In 1985, the chain abandoned the dinners in another return to roots; restaurants signs which had read "Carl's Jr. Restaurant" were changed back to "Carl's Jr. Charbroiled Hamburgers." Prices were cut and all-you-can-drink beverage bars were added.

Continuing a whirlwind year, in November 1996 CKE became involved with another struggling double drive-thru hamburger chain when it purchased $12.9 million of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.'s senior secured debt. CKE followed up by acquiring a 10 percent stake in the 475-unit Checkers in February 1997. In April CKE helped to craft a proposed merger of Checkers and Rally's, which was completed in 1999 and created the largest double drive-thru quick service restaurant system in the U.S. CKE then sold its Rally's restaurants back to Checkers.

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