Topics: Greenhouse gas, Global warming, Coal Pages: 4 (1019 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Hello everyone, welcome to watch the reality talk show, my name is CCW and this is my assistant PYA. Today our issue is about green living. As human population grows up very soon, the available resource in our planet will be used up one day. So, our technology is now working hard to find out new alternative energy to fix this problem. And we have discovered one new energy, the nuclear energy. In this generation, our living system is most based on the fossil fuel to produce energy, even anything appear in our lives are made of fossil fuel. In addition to the limited resources, we also have to face the problem of environmental pollution. The burning of fossil fuels will produce large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions which will cause global warming. How can we choose from these two? If we give up using fossil fuel, it can have very great impact on our economy. Maybe Inflation, financial tsunami, or energy crisis we cannot for sure. However when we keep using fossil fuel, in addition to global warming will become serious day by day, environmental degradation, air pollution, water pollution, all of creatures on Earth can also cause some damage, including our own of course. Today, we invited two professionals to examine this issue with us, and also to discuss another issue for the feasibility evaluation of nuclear energy. Hello professors, what are your opinions about this discussion?

Professor A (Affirmative)
Economy(支持) V.S Environment

Professor B (negative)
Economy V.S Environment(支持)
I am going to talk about advantages of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. As the global climate is getting worse, makes carbon emissions under control will be good for our descendant. Nations that ratified the Kyoto Protocol can contain each other, and give the legal power to the United Nations. Unlike other international agreements, nations that ratify the Kyoto Protocol are required to meet certain targets for reducing carbon emissions. If they fail to do so, the...
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