Present Tense and Birthday

Topics: Present tense, Birthday, Grammatical tense Pages: 13 (2806 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Unit 12 A birthday party

By Wen Feng Middle School

| |词汇 |句型、语法 |技能目标 | |Welcome to the unit |birthday, party, soon, |一般现在时 |四会 | | |tomorrow, forget, get, card, | | | | |chocolate, toy | | | | |would, love | |三会 | |Listening |cake, banana, juice, when |一般现在时 |四会 | |Speaking |present, buy, toy shop, when |一般现在时的特殊疑问句 |四会 | |Reading |wear, cool, drink, fruit, |Have a good time! |四会 | | |table, fun, sit, talk, |一般现在时 | | | |interesting, stand, sofa, make,| | | | |candle, cut, taste, have a good| | | | |time, feel | | | | |such as, excited, wonderful, | |三会 | | |delicious | | | |Grammar |else, grandparent, clothes, |一般现在时的特殊疑问句 |四会 | | |favourite, day, year | | | | |April, celebrate | |三会 | |Task |flat |一般现在时 |四会 | | |invitation, invite, October | |三会 |

Welcome to the Unit

Teaching aims and demands

birthday, party, soon, tomorrow, forget, get, card, chocolate, toy

Important and difficult

1. The Simple Present Tense
2. Would you like … ?
I’d love to.

Teaching steps

Step 1 Revision
Revise the simple present tense.
Step 2 Presentation
Write “October 1st ’’ on the blackboard .
Ask : Is this day special ? Yes, it is the birthday of People’s Republic of China .Teach “birthday” Ask : What do you usually get for your birthday ? Help the students to answer it . Maybe you can get some birthday cards from your friends and write “card ” on the blackboard . Maybe you can get some chocolates from your parents.

Maybe you can get some toys from your grandparents.
Write “toy” on the blackboard.
Step 3 Practice.
S1 :What do you usually get for your birthday ?
S2 : I usually get ……..
What do you usually get for your birthday ?
S3 : I usually get ……...
Let the students to act the dialogue.
Step 4 Speaking
Point to the pictures on page 62 . Discuss the pictures . Step 5 Listening
Give them a question “ when is Millie’s birthday ?” Let the students listen to the recording and answer the question . listen to the recording again. Then answer : What does Millie usually get for her birthday ? Would Millie like to get a CD for her birthday ?

Step 6 Homework
Please make a list of your birthday...
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