Present Status Growth and Impact of Women Entrepreneurs in India

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: January 5, 2011
It is a general belief in many cultures that the role of women is to build and maintain the homely affairs like task of fetching water, cooking and rearing children. Since the turn of the century, the status of women in India has been changing due to growing industrialization, globalization, and social legislation. With the spread of education and awareness, women have shifted from kitchen to higher level of professional activities. Entrepreneurship has been a male-dominated phenomenon from the very early age, but time has changed the situation and brought women as today's most memorable and inspirational entrepreneurs. In almost all the developed countries in the world women are putting their steps at par with the men in the field of business. The role of Women entrepreneur in economic development is inevitable. Now-a-days women enter not only in selected professions but also in professions like trade, industry and engineering. Women are also willing to take up business and contribute to the Nation's growth. There role is also being recognized and steps are being taken to promote women entrepreneurship. . Women entrepreneurship must be moulded properly with entrepreneurial traits and skills to meet the changes in trends, challenges global markets and also be competent enough to sustain and strive for excellence in the entrepreneurial arena.

Nature of business Indian Women are into
Why do women enter into Entrepreneurship
Government’s Policy for Women
Financial Support and assistance to women
Impact of women entrepreneur in Indian economy
Challenges faced by women Entrepreneurs
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