Preschool Philosophy

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Preschool Philosophy
Our preschool philosophy is based on the research that young children learn and develop best when they are actively involved in a loving and safe environment. It is important that in this environment children are given opportunities to learn about and experience new things. It is also important that they feel valued, and the classroom is set up in such a way that it is child-oriented, rather than teacher-oriented. We also feel strongly that the best and most lasting way a child can learn about the world is through a hands-on approach. With this in mind, the curriculum is broken up into curriculum areas. Through these areas we hope to bring a wide variety of experiences and talents into the child’s life. The curriculum has the objective of helping the whole child to grow and develop at their own pace. Weaknesses can become strengths and confidence builds in this respectful, exploratory classroom. Children will learn to lead as well as to follow as they grow and develop their personalities. We hope that our students are challenged but never pushed, independent yet teachable. As we strive to balance an academically rich environment with a creative/exploratory one, fostering a love for learning is our ultimate goal! SPECIFIC CURRICULUM AREAS, including, but not limited to:

Language Arts
We work to develop important pre-reading skills, such as: phonics, sequencing, visual discrimination, storytelling, listening, letter recognition, conversation skills, writing stories, as well as learning appreciation for all kinds of books originating from different cultures. Science

Students are encouraged to explore first hand the world around them. This includes nature walks, experiments, cooking, learning about animals, plants, time, weather, and insects. We will also begin to explore cause and effect, along with the questions that lead to answers in science. Fine Motor Skills

This includes coloring, handwriting, cutting, pasting, stringing beads,...
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