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Charlyn Calibuyot
Garmela Regondola
Christina Tayco
Ella Quinciana Binuya
Mikee Bobejes
Jack Mendoza

1. The Children as the Focus of Curriculum
Learner is placed at the center. The learners are the very reason a curriculum is developed. They are the ones who are directly influenced by it. Learners in all levels make or unmake the curriculum by their active and direct involvement. How each individual learner contributes to the realization of a planned curriculum would depend on the interaction and internalization of the different learning experiences provided. Learner is the center of the educational process. Everything in the curriculum should revolve around his/her interests, needs, abilities, and capacities. The nature of the learner must be made the science of learning. The experiences of the learners must be the starting point in accomplishing the goals of education, to let them grow in knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes. Learners or students are the very reason why schools exist. It is the schools’ responsibility to further develop the learners’ knowledge, skills, talents and attitude to face the different situations in life. Learners make the curriculum alive. The different activities can only be made meaningful by the learners themselves. It is through a responsive curriculum that these things can be achieved. A curriculum is effective if it enables all learners to relate the different school experiences to their lives. The success of the curriculum can only be measured by the extent of learning that the learners have achieved. A fit between the planned or written curriculum and the characteristics of the learner will guarantee success in education. 2. The Family as the Focus of Curriculum

“My child and my money go to this school.” reads a car sticker. What is the implication of this statement to the school curriculum? It simply means that the parents are the best supporters of the school, especially because they are the ones paying for their child’s education. Just like any customer, any parent would like to get the best of his/her investment in education. Parents would be willing to pay the cost of educating their child for as long as their children get the best learning or schooling experiences. The parent involvement extends from the confine of the school to the homes. The parents become part of the environment of learning at home. Parents follow up the lesson of their children especially in basic education. Parents provide curriculum materials that are not provided in schools. They provide permission for their children to participate in various activities outside the school campus. Parent-Teacher Association is an organization provided by law. PTA strengthened the school curriculum by giving support to various activities and assisting in the accomplishment of the school curriculum. It is a well-known fact that where you find an involved parent, you find better communication between home and school. PTA promotes good relationship between the teacher and the parent of the learner. 3. The Community Member as the Focus of Curriculum

The success in the implementation of the curriculum requires resources. However, most often teachers complain that resources are very scarce. There are no books, materials nor facilities available. These are the usual complaints of the teachers. The community members and materials in the existing local community can very well substitute for what are needed to implement to implement the curriculum. Respected community members may be included in school boards as in some schools. Some can be resource speakers. They can be interviewed. In many communities there are living masters who can provide local and indigenous knowledge in the school curriculum. The whole community can serve as a curriculum resource thus each member has a great stake in...

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