Preparing for the Job Interview

Topics: Question, The Selecter, Decision theory Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: November 1, 2008

The interview is a meeting between the applicants and the employer, who represent the supply and demand of work. They both have to prepare for this event properly. Heli, in this case, is our candidate and she has been chosen by the selectors. (If useless delete!!) Heli has received a call from the HRM’s secretary and she is supposed to show up at 9.30 of the 10th of October in (Henry Fordin katu 5 K, 00150 HELSINKI, Finland). The first step that Heli has to do, in the moment of the call, is to note down the place, the time and the day of the interview. She doesn’t have to forget to ask the name of the interviewer: it could be an advantage because she can get some information about the interviewer and find out his interests and his previous work experiences. It would be better also to ask if there will be tests like personality test, aptitude and intelligence test and so on: being proactive is better than being reactive so, she has to prevent all the possibilities and to reduce the risk to be unprepared. The second step of the preparation is the CV: Heli will revise her curriculum vitae in order to answer all the questions about it and to deepen into it with more details and explanations. The most important thing for her is to be prepared to introduce herself naturally, focusing on the formative experiences and trying either not to exaggerate or belittle herself.(??) The third step is to reach as more information as possible about the firm: what does it do, what is the main economic area in which it works, who are the main clients and what is the new potential market of the company’s product, in which direction is the product’s future development going; but also the dimension of the firm, the number of employees, the strengths and the weaknesses, the recent successes and failures, the organizational structure and the relationships between the employees. Last, but not least, Heli has to know everything about the job she is applying...
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