Preparedness of Grade 7 Class of Bestcap Career College S.Y 2013-2014 in the K-12 Curriculum

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Every part of the K-12 is benefited for the Grade 7. The students need to have another two years of basic
education because it’s for their own good and for their
own benefits. This k-12 helps to give them at succeeding.
According to the DepED discussion paper (2010), the k-12
curriculum aims to enable every child to achieve mastery
of core competencies and skills and develop tracks based
on the student’s interest and competencies. The focus of
the K-12 is twofold: Curriculum Enhance and Transition
Management. K-12 means kindergarten and the k-12 years
of elementary and secondary education. How are
planning to implement the k-12 program? after considering
various proposals and studies , the model currently being
proposed by DepEd is the k-6-4-2 model. This model
involves kindergarten, six years of elementary education,
four years of junior high school ( Grade 7 to 10 ) and two
years of senior high school (Grade 11 to 12 ) the two years of senior high school intend to provide time for students to consulate acquired academic skills and competencies .
The k-12 program was launched on April 24, 2012. The k-12
program covers kindergarten 12 years of basic education
(six years of primary education , ( four years junior high
school and (two, years of senior high school ) to provide
sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills , develop lifelong learners and prepare graduates for tertiary
education, middle levels skill development , employment
and entrepreneurship.

Statement of the Problem
1.How may the grade 7 student be describing in
Terms of their academic performance during the
First S.Y. 2013- 2014?

a.From BESTCAP Career College Inc.

2.Is there a significance between the Grade 7 respondent in the Grade 6 in first quarter? a. Excellent...
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