Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama: Back to School Event

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Do you know that feeling of not being able to do your job efficiently or thoroughly enough? Haunted by the thought of not being in the elite of your class and as you strongly believe that only the best of the best are equipped o serve your country, you cannot even see the purpose in trying. Many young people walk around with this attitude towards their studies and it is alarming that the youth nowadays is so preoccupied with perfectionism as it is a fact that the future relies on every single individual and not just the top-elite. In the text: "Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama: Back to School Event", President Obama deals with this issue and tries to convince the students of Wakefield High-school in Arlington, Virginia that every single one of them has a purpose in this world. Every talent, every independent thought is valued and is a brick in the foundation of America's future. Keeping up with traditions, the President of America: Barack Obama delivered his third annual speech in the year two thousand and nine, at a high-school in the beginning of the school year. His words were dedicated to the students "(...) no matter what grade you are in (...)" It is clear from the beginning of the speech that it is spoken by Barack Obama as a private individual and not as the leader of ay political party or the President of the United States. An example of this is that he through the entire speech addresses himself as "I" not "we" as politicians usually do in speeches. This is him speaking to the students as an equal which makes him an easily identifiable and reliable orator. Throughout the speech Obama is strongly emphasising phrases like "(...) I want to talk with you" and "I've talked a lot about your government (...)" These are examples of Barack Obama stressing how serious he is about engaging in dialogue with the student as he presents the government as national property, which everyone has an influence on. several times obama mentions personal memories of...
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