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Topics: War of 1812, The Star-Spangled Banner, United States Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 31, 2014
Cameron Barros
History F Block
RRJ Section 4: 214-219

I. Gearing Up for War
-Americans increasingly blamed British for what has happened A. Replacing the Embargo
-1809 congress replaced embargo with Nonintercourse Act
-Aimed at British and france
-Macon’s Bill No. 2 restored trade w/ both Britain and France -When France agreed to withdraw decrees against American shipping, Pres. Madison ordered sanctions against British B. Battling Native Americans

-Two Shawnee Indian brothers Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh wanted to preserve Native Am. culture -1811 Gov. William Harrison led troops into brothers’ village of Prophetstown -After Battle of Tippecanoe Americans burned Prophetstown

C. War Hawks Demand War
-1811 War Hawks took the lead in Congress
-Represented farmers and settlers from southern and western states -Included John Calhoun and Henry Clay
-Pushed war against British support for Native Ams.
-Believed that British would make maritime concessions to get Canada back from Americans II. War Breaks Out
-humiliated by british with American trade, Impressments and support for Indian attacks on settlers -War of 1812 divided Nation
A. Invasion of Canada Fails
-TJ acted as adviser to Madison
-Argued that with 8 million, the US could easily get Canada which only had 250,000 -Also argued they didn’t need a professional army
B. Defeating the Native Americans
-American Navy performed well which captured four british ships in 1812 -Lake Erie, American ships led Oliver Perry defeated a british flotilla in 1813, enabled American Army to retake detroit -1813, Harrisons army killed Tecumseh

-1814, Andrew Jackson crushed Creek Indians of Alabama
-TO make peace survivors surrendered their lands
C. The British Invade
-1812 and 1813, British forced were in Europe fighting Napoleon -1814 French dictator’s defeat freed thousands of British troops in North America -1814, British fleet carried a fourth army into the Gulf of México to attack New...
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