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Service Data Sheet

Cisco Focused Technical Support Services

Cisco High-Touch Engineering Service
Improve overall network performance and resolve chronic network issues with hightouch, network-level expertise. Service Overview To successfully meet the needs of your customers and your business, it is essential that you have a stable and reliable network that consistently delivers the expected services. Delivering this degree of network performance, however, requires more than just addressing network issues as they arise. You must identify and isolate the source of chronic problems and take corrective action to prevent them from further degrading your essential business systems. Many organizations do Your high-touch engineer develops a comprehensive knowledge about your technology applications and your network infrastructure to deliver personalized, networklevel support: ●

not have the network operations resources to devote to in-depth network performance analyses or the in-house experience to conduct advanced root-cause investigations. Cisco can help you address these issues by designating an expert Cisco engineer to focus on isolating and resolving chronic issues to improve the performance of your network. These Cisco engineers have an in-depth understanding of your unique network solutions and your business environment, as well as extensive experience analyzing the largest, most complex networks. With this level of support, you can expedite the resolution of complex, networkwide problems and improve the ongoing stability, reliability, and performance of your network.

In-depth network diagnostics Network analyses to isolate the root causes of chronic issues

Cisco High-Touch Engineering Service
The Cisco® High-Touch Engineering Service supplements the troubleshooting support that you receive from the Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service by connecting you with Cisco seniorlevel networking experts when you face chronic or extensive infrastructure problems. The service, the highest level of personalized, high-touch Cisco technical support, provides access eight hours a day, five days a week to a designated Cisco engineer whose expertise matches your unique business processes and network infrastructure.

Software referrals

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Service Data Sheet

Your high-touch engineer develops a comprehensive knowledge about your technology applications and your network infrastructure to deliver personalized, network-level support. This can include indepth network diagnostics and network analyses to isolate the root causes of chronic issues, as well as software referrals and other corrective recommendations in response to network incidents. (See Table 1.) As a result, you can keep your network prepared for greater operational reliability and performance and make sure that your network can quickly evolve with your business. Table 1. Activities, Deliverables, and Benefits of Cisco High-Touch Engineering Service Benefits ● Shortens time to resolution during complex and critical network-level situations ● Improves network performance and lowers the cost of ownership by isolating and correcting the source of chronic network infrastructure problems rather than focusing on the symptoms. ● Provides a more stable, efficient network by verifying hardware, software, and feature compatibility. ● Provides a quarterly view of the major issues that were resolved by the engineer.

Activities and Deliverables ● Network-level problem resolution eight hours a day, five days a week (local country hours), including troubleshooting on the entire Cisco network for complex and critical issues. ● Problem root-cause analysis at the network infrastructure level and a recommendation report that includes root cause, next steps, and recommendations for corrective and preventive actions. * ● Software referrals to address...
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