Premarin Mares

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November, 12 2012

Saving Helpless Animals Do people realize the amount of animals that are killed each year for merely just a small portion of their body? Whether it is hide, hoofs, or urine, it’s never enough to make it worth killing the animal, taking parts of the body and leaving the rest go to waste. Writers such as Peter Hammarstedt in “Defending Whales and Seals,” goes on to explain how he dedicated his career to saving these animals. Hammarstedt states, “I wanted Peter in this book because he illustrates very well how rewarding it is to follow your heart and have huge impact on those with no voice." This quote captured my heart and led me into the research of Premarin Mares. Horses are being hung from the ceiling by a harness, with a machine hooked to them to collect their urine. They are being given half the amount of water a horse should have, all so their urine will be more pure. These horses are called Premarin Mares. They get the name Premarin from “Pregnant mare’s urine” (HRT Drug Widely Prescribed, 2003). Premarin is a medicine created fro women going through menopause. These women have no clue how Premarin is being made. Once the mares have gone through the pregnancy and give birth, the foals are immediately on their way to death. They are either sent to a pre-slaughter house to gain weight, or they go straight to the slaughter house, because foal meat is a delicacy in some countries. Women need to be aware that Premarin should not be used because horses are being abused and killed for the creation of a medicine that has negative side affects upon human consumption. Premarin is a medicine that is produced from pregnant mares and is made by Wyeth-Ayerest to give to women who are going through menopause. The company that distributes and markets it world-wide, is Ayerst Organics Ltd. Premarin has been available to purchase since the year 1942. When stats were last checked in June of 2009, there were over nine

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