Preliminary Review on Diet Pills

Topics: Weight loss, Health, Obesity Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Diet pills help in losing weight but are harmful when the research and trials done on them are not regulated to strict safety parameters. Currently there are different varieties of diet pills in the market which promises to help in weight loss. Ofri (2012) and Squires (2006) highlight how corporations are supplying mass-market diet pills which could be potentially harmful but yet there is still demand for such drugs. Fessenden (2003) explores how corporations can be irresponsible to meet the demands for diet pills. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could enforce stricter safety regulations on the production and distribution of diet pills, while emphasizing to the public that healthy personal lifestyle is the ultimate solution. Diet pills can cause health implications. Ofri (2012), Squires (2006) and Fessenden (2003) note that there is a variety of diet pills in the market which could be harmful. The large market for such drugs suggests a high demand from consumers. Ofri (2012) and Squires (2006) mention of side-effects that can range from minor health issues such as flatulence and diarrhoea to severe complications such as cardiovascular problems and genetic effects on babies for pregnant women. Therefore a high demand of diet pills could cause a huge decline in public health, and this could be due to a lack of awareness or concern on the consumer side regarding the pill’s composition and side-effects which led to negative reactions to the drug. HHS could implement diet pills to become strictly a prescription drug instead of the mixed distribution of prescription and over-the-counter status. Corporations may be irresponsible in the research of their products to meet demands and drive sales. Squires (2006) and Fessenden (2003) mention that corporations are irresponsible in marketing drugs which did not undergo intensive research. The market prospect for diet pills stands at $18 billion with millions of consumers; hence there are corporations...

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