Preliminary Investigation Report

Topics: World Wide Web, Payroll, Employment Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: July 24, 2013
PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION REPORT: Web Based Payroll System for Richville Corporation Tower Introduction
The researchers aim to develop a Web Based Payroll System that use manual payroll system. The proposed system is an online access of payroll system which means it needs to have an internet connection to run the program. It includes any and all types of financial statements that involve the payment of an employer’s employees, as well as any statements that relate to the filing of employment taxes. The study also includes the records of the amount of hours an employee has worked, any taxes that have been withheld from an employee’s payroll check, any voluntary tax deduction, and printed copies of checks that have been delivered, and also all record of taxes that have been paid to the government. The researchers noticed that the Richville Corporation Tower is still using the manual payroll system.

Systems Request Summary
The researchers prepared a letter of permission to interview the Admin Accounting of Richville Corporation Tower, so that the group can ask questions to gather important and useful information about the current system. The researchers conduct a research study and investigation about the present manual payroll system. Based on the interview, the researchers found out that the main problem of the current system is the time management of making the payrolls of the employees that leads to delaying of the salary of their employees. Then group realized that the Web Bases Payroll System will help to make the process of making the payrolls easier Preliminary Investigation Findings

After conducting interview of the Admin Accounting to analyze the present payroll system on their company, the researchers found out that it was done manually. The company got large amount of employees that leads to difficulties of making the payrolls on time. 1. The person in-charge finds it hard on computing the salaries due to different salary rates depending on...
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