Prejudice as the Nature of Human in the Poetry " Thelittle Black Boy"

Topics: Discrimination, Black people, White people Pages: 5 (1500 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Poetry analysis (310-311)

Prejudice as the nature of sociaty
in the poetry”the little black boy”by william bake
There are many kinds of problem in society, one of them is discrimination. Discrimination it self means treating a person or particular group of people differently, especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people, because of their skin colour, religion, sex, etc(english cambridge dictionary ). We often find this problem in our society, because it has been a common phenomenon. Then appear a question ” what make discrimination became a common phenomenon in the society ?” the reason is that “discrimination happen as the result of prejudice that is implemented in action”(robert a baron,1972 ) in which prejudice it self means an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling toward the member of certain society, usually it is formed without enough thought or knowledge . prejudice seems to be an aspect of life that exist in every society (robert a baron ;1972).Therefore, no wonder whether discriminination become a common phenomenon in the sociaty because prejudice exist in every society or it can be stated that prejudice is the nature of society. As we know whether prejudice has been the nature of society , no wonder whether prejudice is possessed by people almost in every level of age. Moreover, a people in the level of childhood have had their own prejudice of other, like in the poem “the little black boy “by William bake. In tihs poem william blake show whether in the childhood level, a child hahad had a prejudice of other. They had been able to judge that white people was different from black people , the white one was better than the black one. In fact we know that a children in that age still live in the narrow society, they don’t now about society but their own. Therefore, there is a question” how come children has so far prejudice of other.“there are some reasons why children has a prejudice. First, Individually people (children) has a prejudice because it is the way to develop their image/identity (spencer & lynch, 1993). In the childhood level people just live in the their own society (narrow society), so their society is the only one that they know, moreover in the age of childhood people is in the time of finding their identity. Therefore, because they just know the culture and condition of society where they live, unconsciously there will be a mind set in their mind that the culture which exist arround them is their culture too, and their identity is not really defferent with people around there; in addition people are inclined want to be superior, so when there is an out group (peole from other sociaty that has differet culture and condition) that come to the society they will be regarded as strange person as they has different culture, skin colour, or religion. This phenomenon will make them sure whether they are different with the strange person . By identifying the the strange person that he meet, step by step they will find their true identity. Then because of the existence of inclination to be superior , they define whether culture that build their identity is better that the strange person’s. Even they define whether their culture is good and the strange person’s is bad. Therefore, realize or not they will have prejudice (bad image) of other. The second reason for children to prejudice other is that it can save their cognitive effort. Stereotype that is formed their society to others, specificly, seem to do this function. When stereotype exist ,we don’t need to think carefully and sistematicly. So automatically we will be inclined to follow or agree to the stereotype that is formed short our inclination to save an cognitif effort or thinking sitematically in identifying others has been the reason why a children could have prejudice other (Bodenhausen,1994).

in the other hand we know that discrimination is the result of prejudice...
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