Prejudice and Discrimination Article

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Prejudice and Discrimination Article
All around us we see and hear about prejudice and discrimination whether it is from strangers or even family members. Some people do not know that they are doing this and hurting people. But there are other places that are very bad in discriminating people and being prejudice. One of these places that see or live in these types of environments is Bosnia with the Muslims and Croats. In “Bosnia and Herzegovina are between the historical of Croatia-Slavonia to the north, Dalmatia to the south, Serbia and Montenegro to the east/southeast” (, 2013). It is populated in ancient times since 400 BC by the Illyrians, Thracians, Celts with Greek colonies. The Romans took over around 168 BC but it took them about one hundred and fifty years to take control of the whole country called Dalmatia Province. The Roman Empire found that Bosnia is the frontier land of the western half for the reason that the line ran south from the Sava River to Skadar Lake by the Adriatic coast. Bosnia is nominally Catholic that was under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Dubrovnik. The Bosnian Catholics used a Slavic liturgy and they modified the Cyrillic alphabet that they call “Basanica” and they had no knowledge of Latin. In the other region called Hum was settled by Serbs in the interior. This region was a mixed religion of Orthodox and Catholic that was mostly ruled by princes of the Serbian dynasty (Nemanja) in the coastal area until 1306. Catholic Church in Bosnia has been isolated from the coastal areas and developed its own Slavic liturgy and its own practices. The customs was suspected to the Latin hierarchy both Hungary and the coastal cities in which because of the ignorance of language and customs of these simple people and of The poor communications it generated rumors and accusation of the heresy against Bosnia Church and the supposed protection called Ban Kulin. This led Kulin to call a meeting with the church council around 1203 at Bolino Polje and declared loyalty to the Pope and renounced errors in its practices. These reports of the heresy continued in Bosnia fanned by Hungary causing a visit from Papal in 1220s. This caused the Pope to call the Hungarians to “launch a crusade against Bosnia heretic” (, 2013). This led on to removable of the native Bishop of Bosnia with a German Dominican. “The Hungarians continue to accuse Bosnian Church of practicing dualist a Manichaetic beliefs that are tied to Bogomils of Bulgaria and the French Cathars” (www.nationsencyclopedia, 2013). These crusades against Bosnian Church caused an animosity toward Hungarians that later weakened Bosnian to resist the invasion of the Islamic Turks. A man called Stjepan Kotroman became Ban of the Northern Bosnia area in 1288. This was a quest for him to control all of Bosnia but he was challenged by the Subic family of Croatia who took over West Bosnia. After Paul I Subic expanded his family’s area of control he later became Ban of All Bosnia in 1305 and years later the Subic family declined. By the 1326 the son of Kotroman named Stjepan Kotromanic took control of Central Bosnia becoming a vassal to the Croatian Ban of Bosnia, Mladen Subic. He then allied with Charles Robert, King of Hungary in defeating Mlden Subic so he can have control over Bosnia, Neretva River Delta, and over Hum which Kotroman had victory in 1326 but losing it to Dusan the Great of Serbia in 1350. The Bosnia’s cultured level raised because there was a new class of natives’ craftsmen that developed in the town “where foreign colonies also prospered. A couple years later Kotromanics nephew Tvrlko became the greatest ruler in Bosnia around 1353-91 but soon he lost the western part of Hum in 1357. He lost it to Hungary as a promise to King Louis of Hungary when he had married Elizabeth the daughter of Kotromanic. Tvrlko went to the Hungarian Court “having been unable to repress a revolt by his own...

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