Prejudice and Discrimination

Topics: Autism, Autism spectrum, Mental retardation Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Myra Armstrong
April 21,2012
Psychology 101
The movie Radio
HE gerwq up fasinated by Radio his niek name Radio was given to him by the town people because of the radio he carried everywere he went . He still attend T.L. HANNA HIGH SCHOOL and helps coach the football team . AS his mother in the film started there is no name for what is wroung with JAMES . It is almost certantly a genetic disorder because both his father and younger brother share the the same defect. During the course of the movie, Radio displayed the DMS-IV symptoms of AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER. Radio exhibits qualitative impairment in social interactions manifested by lack of non-verbal behaviors.failure to develop peer relationships,and lack of of social or emotional reciprocity. For instance,Radio consistently displays little or no eye contact ,his body and facial expressions are rigid,and he uses few gestures. additionally,radio has an obvios impairment in commucation as its charateristic of typical speech patterns more over,his vocabulary is limited,and he rarely initiates a conversation with others. also radio constructs sentences in witch he refers himself in third person or by his first name.commonly ,Radio repeats phrases or ulterances of other when excited.For example Radio nearly losses a football victory when he repeats the play numerous times aloud for the opposing team to hear. in addition to AUSTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER,Radio would meet the DSM-IV diagnosis of mental retardation,Radio displays sighificantly subaverage intellectual functioning .for instance ,Radio does not know the letters that comprise his name,nor is he able to write his name even after interention with coach JONES.He also is unable to read the iunch menu aloud over the intercom to the school.WHEN announcing the iunch menu,he is simply repeating someone else.Radio displays concurrent deficits and impairments in adaptive functioning. he cannot live alone safely ,his commucation...
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