Prejudice America

Topics: African American, United States, Stereotype Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Prejudice, it is a word that catches everyone’s attention and is loosely thrown around. There are stereotypes that seem to get in the way, or discourage many, from achieving the American Dream. These stereotypes that surround us come from what others outside the culture seem to make up. Hispanics are taking all the jobs, blacks are lackadaisical and whites are always our superiors. What is it that creates these concepts? People naturally tend to have their own personal prejudices, whether it’s racial, socio-economic or even religious, human beings will always have divided opinions on several matters. While this does not imply one is a bad person, it does allow for certain people without the proper mindset to look towards these prejudices as ways to make excuses or to keep others from digging themselves out of their own social problems. However, racial biases do dictate how we view those outside our group and does directly or inadvertently prevent them from acquiring the American Dream.

At times it is ourselves that stops us from achieving what we want. One may look around their own environment and not find someone that contradicts the stereotype. In Vincent Parillo’s essay, Causes of Prejudice, he states, “Some sociologists have suggested that a relationship exists between prejudice and a person’s tendency to conform to societal expectation” (396). How many times do we find young adults choose a path that wasn’t theirs, but chosen by someone else? You find many Hispanics directly out of high school jumping directly into the workforce rather then pursue a college education only because their family convinced them that it was the path to choose. Hispanics traditionalistic culture causes them to believe that breaking the stereotypical norm is frowned upon and while some deviate from this path, many others stay the course. This inability to decide for one’s self only leads to help maintain this unfortunate cycle.

Why is that we see many young African American...
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